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在Christa Mcauliffe学院,我们了解到并非所有学生都有相同的长期教育目标。我们将学生视为独特的个人,鼓励他们追求他们的激情,利益和目标。对于那些注册我们的虚拟高中计划的人,并有兴趣申请高度竞争力的学院或大学,CMASA提供荣誉和AP澳门老虎机。我们还提供了双重入学机会。这使得学生同时获得高中和大学学分。我们的高中计划为学生提供了各种核心和选修澳门老虎机。我们的在线高中计划是区域认可的。此外,我们的许多高中核心澳门老虎机都是NCAA批准的。




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AP and Honors Courses


Most of our curriculum is created in house by our team of developers. We are able to personalize courses to suit a student's learning style. If a student wants to go above and beyond what's required of them, we offer a variety of honors and AP level courses for them to take. Watch this video to see the differences between the two styles of courses. There are no extra charges to take honors courses if you are enrolled in the gold or platinum tuition plans. 



National Honor Society

At CMASAS, we value student and parent feedback. Through a student recommendation, CMASAS started a National Honor Society chapter in 2017.

National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation’s oldest, largest, and most-prestigious student recognition program. All members must demonstrate

  • Scholarship
  • Service
  • Leadership
  • Character

To join, students must provide documentation of these four qualities. We believe many CMASAS students demonstrate these qualities, and we are honored to have our students to be recognized as outstanding individuals.


NHS Induction Ceremony

Our NHS Induction Ceremony will be on Friday, January 5th, 2020. Everyone is welcome to attend this event! This is a great way to meet fellow CMASAS students and staff members.

Seating and food during the NHS induction ceremony is reserved for those you have purchased an event ticket. Otherwise, you are welcome to attend and bring your own seating/food arrangements. Visit our graduation weekend page for more details.

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NHS Ceremony